The truth about being a fraud!

When people ask me what I do for work, I usually look to my husband and hope & pray he jumps in and answers that dreaded question for me. Part of it is because of fear and part of it is feeling like a fraud!
I graduated from college with a degree in Exercise Science and had plans to go on to grad school and do the whole medical thang! A million things detracted me from following through on that. Call it fate or coincidence, or whatever... but either way that plan was a total dud! I knew deep down that I had to do something creative otherwise I would never feel satisfied in life. I was destined to find MY niche. THE thing that made my eyes light up when I talked about it.
I dabbled in many different areas, from event planning to interior design, to graphic design to website design. I enjoyed each and every area but still felt like something was missing. I spent 2 years learning on my own, all day every day. I daydreamed a lot and realized that my true dream is to own a shop that has only items designed by yours truly. Cause how many shops sell items that are designed by the actual owner!!???
Now here’s where the feelings of being a fraud come in. Everything I know how to do is self-taught!! I have no "formal" training in clothing or jewelry design. No "formal" training in graphic design or web design, or marketing, or photography, or literally ANYTHING!  But, something I did have was sheer grit and a desire to set my fears aside and LEARN. And that’s all it took!
I knew what I wanted and I was willing to work hard for it. I forced myself out of my comfort zone and grew immensely along the way. If you know my husband Seth, he's an entrepreneur at heart! I like to joke that he "brainwashed" me into being an entrepreneur. But really he just helped me see the light!
As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats! And everything you see here is all done by me... The photography/editing, the web design, the logo design, the CLOTHING design (duh!!), the marketing, the emails, and everything else. It's honestly crazy how many million things you have to think about and DO for a business. And how many million things I have YET to learn and become better at! But isn't that what life is about anyway?
So that is my main takeaway from this crazy experience of starting a company. Set your fears aside, chase your dreams, and have some sheer grit! You can do (or learn) anything YOU want to and you are totes NOT a fraud for doing it!. {Thank goodness for the internet tho seriously!!!} Also, definitely DO NOT settle in your pursuit of happiness! I really truly think everyone should have their dream job…and sure, perhaps your dream job has aspects that you hate, but generally speaking, we really waste our time & life away UNLESS we’re doing something that we really love.
Passion, talent, and grit are the things that set YOU apart! So have some grit, fake it til you make it & chase your dreams folks (even if you feel like a fraud along the way)!

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